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Is It You I'm Looking For? Is a site designed for paranormal and occult content and discussion.

Feel free to browse the site, read member created content, delve into the forums, and even join our discord!

How we started.

Is It You I'm Looking For? Is operated by three people. These three people have had a few encounters with the paranormal over their lives and wanted a place for like minded people to congregate, discuss, and learn.

Starting off as a Discord server with a small following, we decided to branch out and include a website as sort of a central hub for information to flow freely from person to person.

Our Knowledge Bases


Clicking this link will take you to our forums, a message board where you can find and discuss a multitude of different topics relating to the paranormal or the occult.

[Down For Maintenance]

Clicking this link will take you to our user articles page. Here users can submit articles about a variety of topics for others to enjoy. Think of it as a communal op-ed column.

[Down For Maintenance]

Clicking this link will take you our Library. A page with references to some of the best learning material we could find and compile.


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