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Changelogs / [3/5/19]
Last post by MrDonutLlama -
*Forums back online using ElkArte software. (Significantly newer and with better security than last forum software.)
News & Announcements / Forums Back Online!
Last post by MrDonutLlama -
First, a letter to you all!
Hello Is It You? Community,
The forums are finally back online! We are running on a newer and more secure forum software now. This means the issue that took our last forums offline should not be an issue going forward and our databases should stay intact!

I'm super excited to be moving forward with this, due to time constraints in my life I have had a hard time working on this website and passion project in general. I am getting a little freed up so I will be able to dedicate more time moving forward to get everything back up and running and start making our tiny community even better and more inviting!

Thank you to everyone who has stayed with us so far, and welcome to all the new members we are going to get in the future!

Next, on to business.

The forums are back up however other parts of the website are still struggling. I am working to bring back all the pieces into functioning order. It may take some time but please stay patient, because i am doing upgrades as i go to make the experience better for all of us as we move forward. I also have some plans for new content and community growth and will test out their feasibility before i debut them.

Article space is going to be my next fix and should be online within the week of this post. It should be sooner however.

To everyone reading, thank you all! You are the backbone of this small community and I appreciate you very much.

Take it easy